Know Your Rights

Did you know you have the right to...

Some people and places might try to take things away from you because you're pregnant. It's not cool, but it happens. If you know your rights you can help protect yourself. 

Stay in school

No one can make you go to a special school or do home-school just because you're pregnant. You can choose to do a different program, but make sure the classes and other activities are just as good as they were in your old school. 

Stay in your class

You can stay in all your regular classes while you're pregnant. If a teacher tries to tell you you can't be there, talk to your principal, your parents, or another trusted adult. Remember, your education is even more important now that you have a baby on the way and there are people who will help you reach your goals. 

Take time off for your health

You're going to have to take some time off while you're pregnant and after you deliver your baby. If your doctor says you have to stay home, those days should be excused. Your school has to let you make up all the work you missed when you were out. 

Other activities

You can still join any clubs or other activities you want. The school can't ask you for a doctor's note before you join unless they have the same rules for everyone. For example, lots of schools ask students to get a note from a doctor before they play sports. 

Special services

Lots of schools have special services for students with a temporary disability. You have the right to those services as long as your pregnant. Ask your guidance counselor or another trusted adult what you can expect. 

 No bullying

Just because you're pregnant or are a parent doesn't mean anyone has the right to bully you. If you feel like you're being bullied or threated, talk to your principal, guidance counselor, or another trusted adult.