July 2014

  • Teen's invention could save lives


    Alissa Chavez hated hearing stories of babies dying because their parents accidently left them in hot cars. So when she was in the 8th grade she began working on an invention that would sound an alarm if the carseat got too hot. Now she's going into her senior year of high school and she's finally ready to get her invention on the store shelves.

  • Canadian teen fights abstinence-only education in her school


    Emily Dawson knew that teens need accurate information when it comes to sex, but she didn't think that's what they were getting at her school. So she took her case all the way to the Alberta Human Rights Commission to make some changes.

  • 16-year-old has new Guinness World Record


    Gabi Ury's not just strong. She's world record strong. This 16-year-old held a plank position for 1 hour, 20 minutes, and 5 seconds, earning her the Guinness World Record. What's even more impressive? Gabi was born with VATAR syndrom, which affects her spine, limbs, and muscles. She's missing some muscles in her glutes, calves, and part of her abs.

  • Upstate teens are leaders in their community


    Check out these teens! They've used Girl Scouts as a way to become a leader in their area! Read the whole article at Go Upstate.

  • 14-year-old Breanna Murrin runs 113 miles to honor vets


    South Carolina teens are amazing! Check out 14-year-old Breanna Murrin, she ran 113 miles to honor veterans on the 4th of July!

June 2014

May 2014

  • Prank it Forward


    Check out these graduating seniors! Instead of doing a senior prank, they decided to prank it forward by leaving a $510 tip for a waiter when they found out he was having health problems.

April 2014