Texting, Sexting and The Internet

Maybe you feel more comfortable sending a sexy photo than you do having sex. It might feel like flirting. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal since you and your partner have already had sex. There are lots of reasons why people decide to send nude or partially nude photos to each other. But it’s just as important to protect yourself in the digital world as it is in real life.

Would U Txt It 2 Grandma?

The internet isn't private

Remember, nothing you do on the internet, or on your cell phone, is completely private. Even apps that automatically delete photos, like Snapchat, can still be recorded. Texts can be shared—on purpose or by accident—videos can be uploaded, a picture can go viral at your school in a matter of minutes.

Feeling pressure

Feeling pressured by someone to sext? The decisions about your body should be your own. Whether it’s the decision to have sex or the decision to send a sext of yourself. If your partner respects you, he or she won’t pressure you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Learn more about how to talk to you partner.

The law

There are legal consequences to consider, too. In South Carolina you can get fined, have to go to an educational program, and have your driving privileges restricted.