Making a Plan

Do you want to have a baby this year? __yes X no 

If not, what steps are you taking to actively prevent pregnancy? 


Just like you, most teens don’t want to get pregnant. But sometimes people get caught up in a moment, and wind up having unplanned, unprotected sex. That’s why it’s so important to have a game plan BEFORE things heat up, even if you think you probably won’t have sex. 

Here are some things you can do: 

Plan to wait

Not having sex is the only way you can be 100% positive you won't get pregnant. You're not the only one making that decision. Learn more about waiting. 

Research birth control. 

Check out our birth control comparison tool to get the pros, cons, cost, and effectiveness of each kind of birth control. 

Make a doctor’s appointment. 

You can go to a free or low-cost, confidential health center where they’ll hook you up with prescription birth control like the pill, the patch, or nuvaring. If you’re interested in something a bit longer-lasting and lower maintenance, ask your doctor about implantable contraception or an IUD. 

Find a health center  near you.

Get condoms. Carry them with you. 

It doesn’t make you easy if you carry condoms with you. It doesn't even mean you're planning on using them. It means you're smart. You’ve only got one body, and condoms help prevent most STIs and pregnancy—AND they’re cheap and available in every drugstore and most neighborhood health centers. 

Talk to your parents. 

Tell your parents, or another trusted adult, that you’re thinking about having sex and that you want to stay safe. Not sure what to say? Start here. 

Talk to your partner. 

Talk to your partner—ideally at a time when you’re not actually hooking up—about what you feel comfortable with. Get tips for talking to your partner.