Wait, It's Coming!

June 24, 2014

Kimberly A. 

Most of the time you can't help but sit around and think "Man, I've been thru a lot of stuff."

From your past to your present. People are always judging you, and trying to bring you down. All they truly wanna see is you frown.

Disappointment , yeah you're use to it. It seems like everyone around you is letting you down! They say they will hold onto your hands, and not let you fall any lower. But yet the devil is sneaking up on you, slower & slower.

You're dreams are starting to become your nightmares. You don't think you're good enough. All kinds of stuff is going thru your mind. You don't believe you can become anything meaningful in this life time.

You're just waiting for God to shine a bright light of victory upon you.

You feel like life is tearing you apart.

You're just searching, & searching for a fresh new start!

You wish you had someone to understand....

At night your mind seems to wonder, of course you over think. Sometimes you can't even express everything that's on your plate.

You're over loaded with nightmares and fears, all of this cause you to shed many tears.

But yet, tears are prayers too; they travel to God when we can't speak. He see us when we're weak.

Stop running from conviction and let it find you!

He'll help us make it thru...

Just hold on and believe, I know it gets hard at times; but the feelings, & thoughts that you've been having, can't compare to the joy that's coming your way.

God is going to do something to your life so special that you won't have anything to say...

About your hurt, your pain unless it's a testimony.

Then you'll be helping those that are feeling what your feeling, everyone in life deserves a little healing.

Patience is a virtue..

So just wait on it, your time will come sooner or later, just wait a little longer on your Greater!

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