Show the World

April 7, 2014

Kimberly A. 17

Drugs, guns, all types of violence. This world we live in is filled with surprises. No one ever knows what going to happen next, some of us walk around with a "X" on our chest! These thugs think guns make them a man today, they think taking someones life is just okay. Parents believe it's the media & entertainment that have them twisted up, they never to stopped to realize that they learn from them, everyone messes up! Complaining and blaming everyone for all the problems and issues, at the end of the day you're wiping your tears with a tissue. You're saying goodbye to the ones you love, violence took your child away now they're floating above. You try to stop these thugs that think they are bad, you just wish you could've thought of it sooner then everyone could've been glad. You pray to God that this violence stop, but every time you go to sleep you hear "pop "pop" the sound of a gun is loud in your ear. This Violence needs to stop now, I hope I made it clear!! 


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