(Inspirational) ABC's of Life

June 24, 2014

A - As we embark on this journey in life 

B - Be prepare for different battles and bridges to over come!

C - Conviction we shall not run from it but let it find us; Christ will strengthen us along the way, but we have to believe and be

D - Determined and dedicated. The Devil is always busy trying to bring you down, but We have to be able to 

E - Embrace Gods 

F - Faith in us; so that during our journey we will always know that with 

G - Gods grace and mercy, no 

H - Hurt, harm, or danger shall come upon us in any way. The passion of God 

I - Ignites us to not only strive for better ,but it also

J - Justifies our 

K - Kindness and 

L - Love. Let our love shine bright on to others for God is love! 

M - Many of us have face difficult times, but we always have to remember to 

N - Never give up! 

O - Obstacles will be thrown in your way, but with the 

P - Power of God you can remove them and conquer them. 

Q - Quit putting yourself in 

R - Rough and rugged situations.

S - Stress is not picking you up and placing you where you need to be! It is bringing you down and tearing you apart! Don't let your 

T - Trials and tribulations, be a burden upon you! Let your trials and tribulations be a TESTIMONY, so that it may

U - Uplift a lost soul, crying out for help. Continue to walk in life with your head held high and with a 

V - Vigorous effect. 

W - We shall rejoice, because victory is ours, God had already claimed it to be ours! So look at this 

X - X-Ray of life. Yes you've had some broken bones, some serve wounds. But 

Y - Yet look where God have brought you! The past is the past. Let's not dwell on what use to be but focus on what it is now! Be 

Z - Zealous in everything you do and remember to keep God with you every step of the way! "You can't walk with God holding hands with the devil!" 

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